Sunday, July 6, 2014


Welp, Taylor studied all during the fourth... yep. Welcome to my life. Ha. Me and the kiddos though, we had a killer fourth! First my friend had this amazing party in her backyard with treats and an inflatable pool and this beach ball, sprinkler combo thing. A blast. Then we went and bought pastries at La Sucrerie in Simpson Bay and it was breathtaking! We got these macaroons that -- I really didn't know I even liked macaroons, they were INCREDIBLE THOUGH! Amazing and we got these pastries and a sandwich for Taylor and this mile high meringue and an almond croissant, and to top it off we ate while watching the yachts and the boats on the bay. Ate right at the dock. It was so beautiful. Halle loved her pink raspberry macaroon and Dyl is digging the sweets already too. (She's screwed, especially with a sweet digging mama like me).

After that we went home, Dyl napped and I got to watch the French play, which is freaking awesome because I literally live about two minutes away from a French territory. This is why it is so STINKING awesome to be living where I'm living for the World Cup. I live in the netherlands and then two minutes away from france! CRAZY. I love it. I see flags and psycho hooligans in red, blue and white or this florescent orange for the netherlands. Crazy. Not a single american flag except on hotels. HA. Anyways, After the french-- cough -- lost -- cough -- we did a little swimming at our pool, then off to another party!

The Spouses Org at the med school did this pot luck with sparklers and snappers and hamburgers and hot dogs, and beer.. naturally.. haha. It's kind of odd being really the only ones that don't get absolutely wasted on the island. It's a very popular past time out here. And the nudity. hahaha

Okay, well Taylor got to come home around 8 ish so we hung out a bit and watched a show.  Taylor is working so hard. He studies like crazy and actually helps a lot of his peers with anatomy and his stronger subjects. Always been a great teacher that one. The bishopric figured this one out and last week we get to church and see Taylor's name on the program. No one even called or did anything. Just, oh hey, welcome to church, you're speaking first! He did awesome though of course. It bugs me sometimes how good he is at teaching and speaking.

Missing the family but boy are we keeping busy out here. Love YOU ALL! COME VISIT! John and Bonnie I CANNOT WAIT CANNOT WAIT! 6 days!!!

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