Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Updates on the littles

Welp, just trucking along here. Nothing has really happened. Another mugging in broad daylight, but it's all a day in the life. Haha, nothing really new. I thought I should kind of update a bit on my kiddos, since they are my absolute life now.

So Halle is obsessed with climbing trees right now. We go searching for trees with good branches daily. There is one that we climb in the parking lot of our complex but the security guards always tell us to stop. Good thing they are our friends so they usually let us play for a good 20 minutes before they have to tell us. Then there is one by our pool and one by this little green pad where Hal rides her scooter. The other day she was climbing on one without me outside and she fell off and got a bloody nose. I think the best part of it was our bar tender Denise who Halle is really good friends with was the first to get to Halle, even before me. She immediately ran over and wiped her off and held her. It's so great. Haha sometimes I find Halle up at the bar talking to Denise. :) I guess that's how we roll out here :) haha. No joke there is not a SINGLE playground on the island. They just don't have any out here. The kids group for the school took the kids to this mall playground indoor thing (kind of like a jump on it/chuck e cheeses). Halle loved it. She has tons of friends and super happy!

Dylan, holy crap is already 9 months,  is still the center of attention out here. I can't even stroll down the street with people asking about her. She smiles at everyone, including the stray dogs and cats. I swear she smiles at the rocks. Dork, haha. She is hilarious. She is sitting really well but not crawling. It's a little difficult out here because there is no carpet so she will always bang her head or whine with her knees on the tile. Basically I never really put her down. She is glued to my hip. No wonder she doesn't really want to crawl or walk. She is nursing really well still. She doesn't like baby food really. She eats puffs, tons of ritz, tons of bananas, yogurt, fruits, fish, and that's about it.

They are both pretty great. Taylor is awesome. He studies like crazy and has an awesome study group. I'm so so proud of him. He works so hard.

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