Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dylan - My short attempt at a birth story - thank you ashton

Talking to my sister-in-law Ashton last night and seeing her birth story was so amazing and fun and made me smile from ear to ear, laugh and cry all at the same time.

So here goes nothing... Dylan. To preface this you kind of need to know a little about Halle's birth. She was nine days late, and Taylor, Halle and I were treated like we had swine flu. Taylor really did have it, so he couldn't be with me at all during labor and Halle was completely quarantined after birth just in case she had swine flu. No one could see, hold or touch Hal for about 12 or so hours after she was born other than doctors. Plus Taylor had to go home too. That's the complete short story on that one. Halle was beautiful and healthy, but a little traumatizing doing most of it without Taylor and then having them both taken away from me immediately afterwards.

Dylan now, the pregnancy was .. meh... I hate with a freaking passion being pregnant. The most awkward, terrible,  sick, blah, disgusting thing in the world. If I didn't get a baby out of it, no freaking way would I volunteer even for a million bucks. Well, maybe a million. Anyways, by about month three I want to get the bloody thing out of me. Once I hit 37 weeks I started the trampoline, exercise ball, yoga stretches, everything I could to attempt to bring on labor. Never, ever even remotely helped.

Dyl was measuring big according to their ultrasounds so I was hoping to get her out early and I sure as he*& wasn't letting her stay in an extra week and a half like Halle. When the doctor offered to deliver her one week early, I'm pretty sure I gave him a high five.

(Funny story: I coached Halle's soccer team last summer and turns out my OB's son was on the team. Talk about awkward and funny. The best part was our first realization I was his patient. He brought his son Spencer wearing sunglasses and introduced himself by his first name of course. He said, "Wait do I know you?" He took off his sunglasses and I realized he was my OB and almost said, "Yes, last week you were looking at my Woah.. hahah" Yep, awkward but very funny.) So I had his cell and email the entire pregnancy - thank you provo rec team list and info.

Anyways, Sept. 29, this beautiful, gorgeous Sunday morning in Provo they set me up in this gorgeous corner room with a view and a TV (I was the commissioner of my fantasy league and the patriots were playing someone at 11:00 a.m. that day so I had to have a TV to watch my game).

We got there at 8 a.m. and they hooked me all up, I ate right before and was rested and felt amazing. Scared out of my brains but still feeling good. Two kids scared that crap out of me. At 9 a.m. they gave me the epidural and broke my water. Then shiz started to get real.

My mom was teaching a lesson in church - Sunday school I think and I kept thinking there is no way she is going to make it because everything went so fast. But she did. My mom and sisters got there and waited outside with only like 20 minutes to spare. At 10:40ish it was pushing time.

Dylan LaVieve arrived around 11:15 at 8 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches. She made record time of only a three - isn hour labor and Taylor was there the WHOLE time.

My players stunk during the patriots game, if anyone was wondering. Complete flop. I don't even remember who they played or who it was but all I knew was Dylan was here and healthy and it was over and Halle was thrilled and I couldn't believe how amazingly fast it all was. My mother-in-law had Halle and they came shortly after and it was amazing having everyone to see me so quickly. My sister-in-laws came really soon too and I just love them to death.

It's been ten months now, which is INSANE, but I love pickles like nuts.

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  1. "When the doctor offered to deliver her one week early, I'm pretty sure I gave him a high five." Hahahah. YES! Love this love this love this. And miss you. AND I love that you remember how bad your players stunk during the game that was going on during labor, hahaha, YOU WOULD. Love ya!