Sunday, August 17, 2014

One semester down, Only four to go!

So Taylor takes his last final exam tomorrow and his whole semester is OVER. Really, really weird to think we are already 20 percent of the way done. Last week he was a little upset and said, "I'm so mad. I only have a 91 percent in anatomy." ONLY a 91 percent. We backed it up a bit and I told him a 91 percent is freaking awesome. He's doing great and really working harder than he ever has in his life.
Dylan is crawling. Barely and very, very slowly but she is crawling. She knows how to do it, just doesn't really choose to do it often. I don't blame her either. We don't have a shred of carpet. All tile in the caribbean. She is eating tons of food and growing like crazy. I'm attempting to ween her off of breastfeeding to like three times a day, as opposed to the current seven times a day.:) Love her though. Taylor says he is known as the guy with the cute baby. It's fun. I take the kids to school to see there daddy a lot and all the female students just die over Dylan. She does not lack attention that's for sure.

Halle is having a blast with all her friends. She is definitely my little social butterfly. Her two best friends have gone to school so it's a little hard for her because I can't afford to put her in the school so she is homeschooled but we are making it work. I'm going to hopefully put her in gymnastics which I know she will just love. She loves climbing trees, swimming, surfing and riding her scooter in Maho and on the bridge.

As for me, I'm just living the dream over here. I've been doing some reporting/editing/freelance work for the St. George News which is great to supplement a bit of the beans and rice/med school budget. 

The challenge has been issued. Second counselor in the young womens org. I have never been in young womens -- since I was a young woman myself, so it'll for sure be interesting but I'm excited. 

So, on our whole island we have a branch. Today at church I would say we had around 40 people. There were two girls in young womens, plus one visitor who was on vacation on a cruise.

The social dynamic is interesting because there are not a lot of marriages out here in general, and it is not uncommon for a woman to become pregnant in her teen years, and also not uncommon for women to have multiple children all with different fathers.

Anyways, I love these girls and we will see what the future brings.

We are doing awesome but miss our family terribly! Face time us when you get a minute!

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  1. Halllleee!!! Dyl!!!!!! Gaw I miss y'all. You're going to be great in YW!! And tell Tay that Ash says way to get er done!! So proud of y'all and miss you like crazy.