Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LDS student robbed and beaten

So note to self, robbers will beat you if you don't have enough money... at least that's what happened to one of the LDS students. Poor guy is doing okay now, but what a welcome to the island :).

There is a lot of drinking and drugs and stuff like that out here, but surprisingly I'm not all that worried.

 Everywhere I go.. and I mean EVERYWHERE, I am always stopped because of Dylan. I mean easily five times when I'm at the grocery store. It is CRAZY! They love babies and kids. And they are very blunt and tell you how to raise your kids too. I was told to be careful because I was opening the freezer at the grocery store while holding Dylan. Another lady told me that I shouldn't be nursing, I should be feeding Dylan food now even though she has no teeth. It's great. They do it with huge smiles though and I don't take offense. Anyways, the point is that my kids are actually protecting me more than I'm protecting them. Kids are very, very protected out here which I had no clue about. They keep their children very close and are so happy to see happy, smiling babies (which Dylan smiles at just about everyone ).

Dylan didn't sleep hardly at all last night. I realized the AC was in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit last night, so instead of bumping up my kids AC a little it was 85 degrees in there. Dylan was sweaty and miserable, then I took her clothes off and fixed it, and I froze the poor things! I swear I will figure this out :) So I haven't slept, Dylan is sleeping now, and this amazing girl is taking Halle to visit some other friends -- oh I haven't even mentioned my friends out here --- they the beez knees. yep. Love them.

White coat ceremony is coming up! I'll post pictures!

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