Monday, May 5, 2014

First days

I have no idea how we did it, but somehow we made it. Two 4.5 hour flights with two kids and zero sleep. Dylan slept the entire first flight, as did Halle, thanks to some benadryl, judge me all you want :) haha. Second flight, we did alright. It was rougher because it was 9 am - 2 pm, well our time 7 am to 12 pm and on little to no sleep, anyways. we made it. When we got into St. Martin there was THREE families looking for us and there to greet us. Each family has two kids so Halle instantly had SIX friends there to welcome her. Talk about amazing! They were so wonderful. Then they drove us and all of our luggage to our new place, helped us move it in and had fans and a crib and food waiting for us too! Our apartment has this beautiful, beautiful patio that overlooks the bay and the ocean and it is absolutely to die for. The place is small but we didn't bring much stuff so it is working. How small? In Halle and Dylan's room there is a tiny closet, no dresser and there is barely room to walk with the twin bed and the crib. Nothing else. No closet organizers, nothing. Tiniest closet. For two kids clothes and toys. :) We put socks and underwear and Dylans onesies in a shoe organizer that hangs haha.

Okay, and let's just say its a huge, huge, huge culture shock. One thing that is way, way different is alcohol is cheaper than water out here... yeah. Lots of drinking. There are casinos and "adult" places all over, oh and those nude beaches I was talking about? Basically every beach is a nude beach :), haha taking some getting used to. It's just very common out here to not use clothing haha.

Another thing is food is super expensive and there isn't a gas station or a mcdonalds you can just go to to eat or grab a drink. You have to plan your meals and if you don't, you're eating drop biscuits and eggs... again...

Something that has been my motto the past couple days is thanks to the beautiful vinyl my sister kim made me before we left. She made hearts for dylan and halle's room and it is absolutely DARLING!

Anyways, so yesterday was Taylor's first day at orientation (on a Sunday... lame) and I had showered, gotten ready for church as he was looking back to tell me goodbye, Dylan projectile vomit ALL OVER ME. Orange, nasty and puked about three times. Poor guy felt bad but he had to go because he was going to be so late. All he could say was "Well, SEE YA! " hahahaha Welcome to being a medical school wife :) Lovely! Then as I'm cleaning up the puke, Halle peed through her underwear. Lovely. That was my wonderful welcome.

With all of that over, it is absolutely, absolutely, the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. The beach is beautiful and clear and warm and blue and the sand is so amazing and the weather is beautiful and hot and humid but not so bad. The nights are warm and breezy and perfect for sitting out on the patio and reading a book.

The friends and ward are amazing. I've never been such a minority but I love it. No one treats me different because I'm white. They are friendly and laugh all the time which I love. We are slowly making friends with everyone who works here. Miss Minnere or something like that brought us a comforter to put on the tile so Dylan can play and teresa and all these other people are just so fun and love love our kids. At first they asked, oh are you the family that lives in 15. They know us and they always ask us if we are comfortable. So wonderful.

Anyways, We are loving it Taylor is at school and I'm heading to the "grocery store" and I will post more later!

"Collect moments, not things"
"Talk about your blessings, more than your burdens."

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