Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Handsome hard-workin man!

I caught a good one, and I mean a REALLY good one. Taylor is absolutely crazy and I love it. Medical school is so insanely difficult and we are doing it in a foreign country and we have two kids and zero money and life is absolutely beautiful.

I am so crazy in love with my man. There is something to be said about determination, drive and hard work that just is so sexy :). Top it off with a great father with a great head on his shoulders and strong in his beliefs and boy do I have one heck of a catch. And I didn't even mention good looking :)

Island life... well it's pretty crazy. Very, VERY different from the U.S. It's a lot slower. Everything is on island time. Church always starts 10-15 minutes late (perfect for us).

Anyways, what I wouldn't give for a fountain drink right now... No such thing here. Little puny cans, oh well. It's probably a really good thing.

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